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Through the years many of the older homes in Town have rehabilitated through the Town being awarded three successful Community Development Block Grants. In 1985, Wade was awarded a $489,000 grant for the construction of a water system and in August of 1988 the first public water was available to Wade citizens. In this same year, the Town was able to acquire the land where the existing Town Hall was located and proceeded to construct a new facility. The year 1990 was significant to the history of the Town because for the first time the Town annexed additional tracts of land and so the Town was no longer 1 mile square.

There have been several additional annexations causing changes to the dimensions of the Town since that time. The Town also acquired additional land for the park in 2001 and received a grant to do a complete facelift and addition to what is now called the Wade Community Park. There are plans for additional phases of the park that the Town hopes to accomplish in the near future. The Town of Wade became part of NORCRESS (North Cumberland Region Sewer System) in 2002 which paved the way for an $11 million project that would bring sanitary sewer to the Towns of Wade, Godwin & Falcon. This project was completed at the end of 2005 making sewer available to citizens in all three Towns and allowing growth to take place in areas that previously could not be developed.

Change is taking place in the Town of Wade with the businesses, homes and overall growth. As of 2009 the population of the Town is approximately 600. As you can see the Town of Wade has faced adversity and yet accomplished many great things since it was chartered in 1913. The 2008-2009 Mayor and Board of Commissioners wishes to thank all the citizens past, present and future for their efforts in helping make the Town of Wade the wonderful place that it is today; a place that we are proud to call home.

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